Help playing ZipToad

All You Need to Know

How to Play

Each day we post a task for you to find and photograph. After the task is posted, you must find the task, snap a photo, upload to Instagram and hashtag it #ziptoad. Each entry is worth points that will earn you badges. Each time you level up, you can cash in badges to get prizes.


All entries must be uploaded after the task is posted. That means no tagging photos you posted last winter. We check all the times on entries - play honestly :)

Only one entry will be counted to receive daily points.

Entries must be your own photos. Please do not use Google images.

Entries must be relevant to the task. We encourage creativity but if it’s way off, it won’t be counted for points.

Post appropriately and be nice to one another. No leaving rude or offensive comments.

Points are awarded for entries, leveling up, tagging/inviting friends, and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, you should signup for the ZipToad Newsletter.


Do I have to have an Instagram account?

Yup. All the tasks are posted on Instagram and your entries and that’s where you’ll upload and tag them.

I don’t have Instagram, where can I get it?

Right over here:

Where is the task posted?

Each task is posted daily on our Instagram: @ziptoad

How do I earn points?

Just by playing! Playing daily earns you points - play often to earn special badges.

How do I know how many points I have?

The Leaderboard will be updated every 24hrs -ish. Search for your Instagram username to see how many points you’ve earned.

How do I get that badge?

Check out our badge page -! Each badge has a description of how to earn it.

How many points do I need to level up?

Here’s the current level breakdown:

1000 - prize level
10,000 - prize level
100,000 - prize level

What can I win?

Prizes! From Starbucks to iTunes to Amazon and more. We send all prizes via email so you don’t have to wait. Simply choose from our list of eGiftcards and we send it within 48 hours straight to your inbox.

What if this page doesn’t answer my question?

Email us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have: